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Afternoon everyone,

I’ve been asked by a few people to tell them what I’m wearing on a daily basis, not just on a night out. So Ive decided to show you!

Today I’m wearing one of my favourite outfits. Its a winter/ spring outfit, an outfit that will keep you warm until spring ‘officially’ rolls round.

Lets start with the shoes and work our way up. The shoes are from ASOS, a slick black suede chelsea boot. These are extremely well fitted and last a long time. Only this I would recommend is getting a suede brush or suede spray. As they can pick up dirt more easily.

The Jeans are Stretch Skinny from River Island, I prefer this type of jeans because they hang better over the shoes. Sometimes its better to go for the tighter size because the material naturally stretches.

My jumper is from Burtons Menswear, they are well knitted and reasonably priced. Make sure not to wash this type of jumper on too high of heat as they can stretch easily.

The shirt is from River Island, an Blue Oxford shirt. I usually go for the smaller fit as its more snug on the shoulders and the arms.

I found it quite hard to decide on what Jacket to wear with this outfit, there are quite a few mixes you can do. However, I believe a peacoat looks the best. Its smart, with still a sense of casual because of the knitted jumper. You can purchase this from Burtons Menswear, you can get a full length one that sits on the thighs or the waist. I feel that the smaller size fits bettter around the shoulders and hangs better overall.

To finish this whole outfit off, a Gents Time Piece watch works well. I have shown two examples which works well, either a silver and black face to blend in with the outfit, or a gold face to make it stand out. Adding a stripy Burtons Menswear scarf to bring a little bit of colour. To finish off with a Nanny State Bank bag, make sure you look for the ‘Nanny Slanted fashion logo’ as some other bags don’t last as long even if they look the same.

I hope you like my outfit, if you were to wear this outfit would you change it any way or add anything? Remember to leave a comment below.

Have a great day,


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