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Social media works? Does it work for you?

What social media works for you? It’s the biggest question I ask to companies looking for expansion onto digital platforms.ย The problem is, a lot of companies have absolutely no idea what works for them. When companies want to expand onto digital channels to raise public appearance they all say the same statement, which is; ‘I need you to get on all the social media channels, I want to raise more awareness of our company’ Now that is all well and great, but it doesn’t work like that, at all… I had a company wanting to be on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Now this was fine, I could do this. So the months went by, I built all channels, but only their Instagram and Twitter ‘boomed’ while the other two grew and grew well but at a steady pace. They said to me ‘ Why didn’t all of them grow at the same rate’ This is because some channels relate to your company more than others, it’s working out what works for the company and developing that. Its a trial and error process.

You must understand the company, the type of audience you have and what you are selling before you can think about what social media is going to workย best for you, for example if you are a food based industry, Instagram is such an important channel, as this entices the reader to want to try your food, but you can’t expect a electrician to use Instagram and boom at it, as it won’t entice the audience, however the electrician could use twitter to explain why they are beneficial.

Another great example, was a company selling Motivational Quotes in frames, they were constantly tweeting and posting on Facebook which people were sharing, liking and talking about. But this wasn’t enticing the audience to buy them, it was only when they went onto Instagram and there was visual aspect which enticed the audience to buy the pictures.

So what I’m trying to say is, be patient with what social media works. Don’t force a channel if it isn’t working for you, find out what works best for the company and develop it,

Ask yourself, what social media works for you?

Have a great day, oh and follow me on Instagram ;p