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We all have different routines in the morning to get the day started. Everyone has their own routine to get them going the right way so I thought I would tell you how I start mine!

Every morning I wake up first thing I do is get a coffee I don’t speak to anyone, I don’t even open my eyes properly until i have got a warm brew in me. Its how I kick-start my day! It’s that initial energy I need to get me going! I usually have a dark roast with about two sugars, after that I drop the sugar but in the morning that sugar rush is defiantly needed!

Then followed by a green tea, vitamin drink to get all the essential vitamins followed by food, now some people don’t eat in the morning… I don’t know how they do this.. food is always on my mind but in the morning especially, I always need that energy to boost my day, I usually have the same thing which is porridge with fruit and eggs!

While I’m eating I always read the news, this can consist of the daily mail, economist, telegraph and usually some unusual facts so I have some trivia to shoot out later on. once everything important has been read I follow by checking all social media and seeing if there are any emails that I need to reply to, while I’m doing all this I usually drink lemon water as apparently its very good to start the day right. Thats about it, I don’t think I would change it any way because its my routine and it works well for me.

Whats your routine? How do you start your day off right, would you change mine in any way to make it better?