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WhatsApp May Be Keeping Your Messages…

WhatsApp: So you those chats you have to all kinds of people may be not as deleted as you think…

It was stated from Wired – Security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski says traces of conversations aren’t completed deleted from i0S devices.

Well if you are on an IOS device and you use Whatsapp you will be happy to hear that your messages may not be totally deleted… Apparently for security reasons!

In a blog post, Jonathan Zdziarski, who specialises in Apple’s operating system, says a “forensic trace” of all chats is left on the device even when the chats have been “deleted, cleared, or archived”.

Even though data is marked as deleted, Zdziarski found it is still recoverable using so-called forensic tools because it has not been overwritten on a device. And these deleted chat logs may include deleted messages, the researcher said.. – WIREDUK

This posts a serious issue of privacy once again? We see this problem again and again with social media channels, messaging services that actually the whole privacy thing is a little grey in places…

The law does state that they can access the databases if they need to for security reasons! This is why services like Wickr and Snowdens protecting iphone case have become so popular! Privacy is so important, but when It goes digital privacy goes out the window!

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