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Why Being Shy Gets You Nowhere:

Are you being shy, aww thats cute. How far did that get you? Got you to the front door, you knocked, but they didn’t let you in because they couldn’t hear you…

Being shy in life doesn’t get you far, I’m sorry to say. Yeah it’s cute, yeah it may work well if you have that sweet and innocent look about you, and shit if it works for you, keep rocking it. However, for the rest of us. Being shy gets you just as noticed as that dust that clumping together in the corner of the room.

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In life you have to be bold, you have to strut your stuff, shout your opinion, wear the clothes you want and act bold. Let me give you some examples to explain it a bit more into why its so important:

  • Here’s one for you girls – You like that guy, yeah? You have noticed him for a while, but he’s not paying you much attention, you want to say something but you don’t. < You like someone, be bold. Tell them, being shy won’t get him to notice you. 
  • Just arrived at an interview, you know your stuff, prepared and ready. You know you can smash this, but you are really shy, don’t know what to say, don’t speak your mind and keep quiet. < Is that going to get them to remember you? no...
  • Okay, here’s one for males. Here’s some truths for you that Dr.Love didn’t tell you “Nice, guys don’t finish last… But shy ones do” < Yeah, I’m sorry to say but they actually do! You are not going to get the girl, land the interview, take chances or be a leader if you are shy.

See what I mean, without being bold, you have missed on opportunities. Here is some truth you need to know “In life, you have to roll the dice, take the chances, speak your mind otherwise you will be left behind”. 

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