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The winter coats that’ll keep you stylish all season, look great keep warm.

Well I’ve said it and I’ll say it again… Winter is here and its here to stay. With the days getting colder everyday its time to wrap up warm and wrap up warm in the best winter coats. Now I know what you’re thinking parting with an excessive amount of money for a coat can seem daunting, the idea of parting with your hard earned cash for a piece of clothing can be scary. However, if you’re wearing that winter coat every day the coat pays off pretty damn quickly. 

The Peacoat

My favourite kind of coat, I seem to own to many of these… Well, really there is never enough. The peacoat can be worn casual or with a suit, the ultimate winter coat for any man.

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herringbone peacoat, winter coats

The Overcoat

A suit essential, worn over the coat as winter accessory. In many colours, but my favourite would be tan, which be worn with many colours.

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topman overcoat, winter coats

The Macintosh 

Very similar to the overcoat, but a lighter material, can be worn on those fresh cold days but also inside if necessary. With most popular colours being in chalk white/Cream or Granite.

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macintosh coat, winter coats

The Blazer

An ultimate essential for any man, worn casually or in any smart situation. The blazer is usually worn with smart trousers, but they don’t have to be matching colours. For example, blue and red, black and grey, the options are endless.

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burton menswear blazer

The Shearling 

An interesting choice, but not my favourite winter coat. Only worn casually this thick coat is definitely for those extra cold days. Usually in brown with sheep fur fully lined inside, or alternatively black which grey fur. A great essential on those extra cold days!

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shearling coat, mens winter coats

What did you this of the winter coats post? Which one was your favourite make sure you comment your thoughts and opinions below or reach out to me on social media! I want to hear all about it. If you want to carry on the fashion reading, have a look at the posts featured below.

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