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Woburn Abbey Gardens:

Good morning everyone!

Hope you are all having a great week,

Over the past weekend I was fortunate to go visit Woburn Abbey Gardens, it was such a great day and the weather on my side ‘Sunny and in the clear’ so I couldn’t complain!

Once you arrive you immediately realise how much time and effort has been put into looking after the gardens, with every flower bed, tree and path way absolutely immaculate it was a place you really have to take a step back and realise how much work has gone into keeping it in tip top condition.

As you go around the garden you notice that there has been a high influence from other cultures that give is such a uniqueness.

I had spent about 2 hours there exploring every corner of the garden and having some fun seeing the birds and trying to replicate the statues poses!

This is definitely somewhere I recommend going and exploring, there is so much history behind the gardens that will definitely interest you!


I hope you enjoyed this post, if you want to know any more information about the gardens be sure to comment or message me on twitter!