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Women Hate These 10 Compliments! 

Now in life, you are going to compliment a women, well I hope you are! But, there are some compliments that may sounds great in your eye, but in reality, they really really aren’t. 

These are 10 compliments that women really really hate, let’s begin;

You scrub up well: 

Female Translation:  You usually look like shit, but this one time you look okay, good job!

Alternative: Wow, you look stunning!

Anything followed by… for a girl:

Female Translation: You’re not actually that funny/cool/witty/clever compared to all my male friends

Alternative: You’re so funny!

You’re so bubbly:

Female Translation: You are fat and annoying in my face, check yourself. 

Alternative: You’re so much fun to be around!

You look like someone who knows how to have a good time:

Female Translation: You look easy, and I want to sleep with you and never call you again, I’m basically calling you a slag

Alternative: Can I take you out sometime?

You’re looking really great at the moment:

Female Translation: You usually look like crap, but recently you look okay, meh. 

Alternative: You look great


You have such a pretty face:

Female Translation: You have a pretty face, but your body is terrible

Alternative: You’re so pretty

I love a girl that’s a good eater: 

Female Translation: You’re fat.

Alternative: Let me take you on a date?

You look so pretty without make-up on:

Female Translation: You look like a drag queen when you wear make-up (which you wear everyday)

Alternative: You look just as amazing with makeup as you do without

You’re so cuddly:

Female Translation: You’re chubby/fat and squeezable maybe go on a diet? 

Alternative: I love to hold you

You look natural:

Female Translation: You don’t look good without makeup, fix yourself 

Alternative: Just say she looks amazing!

If you have any other compliments you hate hearing, or want to know more about compliments women hate, comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent,