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London looking |The girl in the pink pradas.

The Girl in the pink Pradas: Today I’m exploring London, the back streets, the ins and out and all that London has to offer.But when I’m exploring London I never rarely go to the generic tourism attractions I always feel that you don’t see the true London, but the superficial side of it. To really explore London, to see the heart of it. You just have to get lost…

So as I’m writing this I’m sitting in a caffe Nero. Off one of the back streets near Oxford street. Why I’m here? I’m waiting, waiting for time to pass by before I go see some old friends.

As I’m sat in this coffee shop, I see the whole world go by, from the high end businesses man, flashing their cash and Rolex watches to the bus driver just grabbing a couple minutes of me time before his next shift starts.

But there was someone who caught my eyes, the girl in pink pradas. She rushed in to the coffee shop, long brown hair, with a skin tight dress. A distraught look in her eyes she grabbed an expresso, threw a 20 at the barista. Before collapsing on the couch and burying her head in her phone. She looked up at me for a quick glance large brown eyes stared deep into my soul she quickly smiled and then buried her head once again. Before someone called her and she didn’t want to pick up… Hesitantly she took the phone, picked it up to her ear and then left disappearing once again Into the heart of London.

It makes me think, what was going on in her life. What made her so worried and distraught..: I suppose I’ll never know, but that’s the same with all of us, living our lives moving forward battling the barriers we face every day.

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