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Worcester Food Festival | We made it to the news!

The Worcester Food Festival, three days of amazing food, fantastic businesses and great company could you really ask for much more I don’t think so? 

Worcester Food Festival 2018

So why was I at the Worcester Food Festival? Well of course I was there to eat everyone’s food, have a great time and relax in sunny Worcester but there was a greater reason! My company Hot Source was there supporting one of my clients at the show, we provided some of our popular services like event support, public speaking, digital PR and analysis.  A combination of these services made the event a lot better for my client and took of some off the pressure for them!

Worcester Food Fest

The event was so much fun, we even had our amazing Worcester Mayor Jabba Riaz on our stand supporting the Brick Room stand but unfortunately he couldn’t have any of the bagels because of fasting for Ramadan but you’re welcome anytime you like to come share a bagel and cocktail with me, so if you’re reading this Jabba let’s have some bagels together, don’t worry  they’re on me! 😉 and to even top that we made it to the news which was great so thank you Worcester News for the brilliant coverage!

Fudge Shop Worcester

The event was an absolute success, it really was! I have to say a huge well done to the organisers, the staff involved and everyone in between you made the event a blast and you absolutely smashed it. But with that in mind I have to say well done to Hot Source and Team involved in supporting our clients with this campaign!

Prosecco Worcester

If you want to know more about what we got up then check out our social media for all the posts and images or you can e-mail me at contact@jamesvincent.life to know more!

Gin shop worcester

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