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Work mistakes to avoid;

Now you’re a bit tired, you have just got to work and all you can really think about it cracking on and getting stuff done, as well as that very large cup of coffee you have been thinking about since you got in your car, but don’t make these little bit bad mistakes when heading into the office…

Getting in Late:

This is such an important one to remember, rolling in just 5-10 minutes late makes you look lazy, and careless. Now of course if there is a proper emergency, then yes you are going to be late but you have a valid excuse. However, saying ‘I just wanted 5 more minutes in bed’ isn’t really going to cut it… It looks very un professional in the long run, so keep your time on point and make sure you are always there on time!

Not saying Hello:

It can produce such a bad atmosphere in the workplace if you just ignore everyone around you, it literally takes a couple seconds to say hello to everyone, this way you have broken the ice and started the day on a good note with your peers.

Putting off the tasks you don’t want to do:

Now it doesn’t matter what industry you are in, there are going to be easy tasks and hard tasks. But a lot of people do all the easy tasks then leave the hard ones until later, well this is a huge work mistake, tackle the hard ones first and get them out the way.

Thinking the negative:

Now, no one is perfect we all have problems at some point or another but don’t bring it into the workplace, if you can. Try keep the problems at home and don’t think about them, because the minute you start thinking about it, you dwell on it. Keep that head of yours clear.

Doing 10 at once:

Okay, we all like to multitask, trying to get a million things done at once, and thats all well and good, if you can do it. Don’t try and do a million tasks if you cant do it, because eventually you drop all those spinning plates, make sure you are balancing yourself.

If you have any other work mistakes that need to be avoided, or want to ask me something else relating to work mistakes, tweet me @mrjamesvincent 

Have a great day,