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Yorkshire Sayings, Explained 

So all around the world we have different sayings, different phrases for different countries for different cities! Now I’ve travelled and lived around the world, with this in mind I’ve heard sayings, phrases, slang and some unusual words used to describe things. But, now living back in England, it’s going to be different, but even this tiny little country has different cities and some with more unusual ‘slang/phrases’ than others. So today we are talking about the Yorkshire sayings that are used every day that I’m sure you didn’t know about.

Let’s begin; 

Now, let me just clarify this from the beginning, I do not live in Yorkshire… So you’re probably wondering how I found out all the information below, well I had help from one of my lovely followers!

Guinel – Which basically means an alleyway

Brew – A tea of coffee, basically any hot drink

Butty – ‘Aye do you want a bacon butty for breakfast?’ Basically a sandwich!

Ey – Which basically means what

Flippin eck – Which basically means flipping heck abbreviated from flipping hell

Snicket – Another word for an alleyway

Nowt – Which means the word nothing

Scraps – Which is the little bits of batter of your fish and chips.

O’rekt – Which basically translates to ‘Orite’ which means ‘How are you?’

Ta – Thanks

Lass – Girl

Gal – Girl ( but in the term of friends, like gal pals)

Hell fire – My god

Faffing – Messing about

Friggin – Used as a less harsh swear word

And last but not least, In’t. For example It’t cant be used as;

Where did you put the mugs? – In’t cupboard. Or it can be used as ‘in’t it’

Also its very common to be the letter ‘T’ in front of words, so for example T’south – T’north – T’loo, its an abbreviated way of pronouncing certain words. In addition, unless you’re extremely Yorkshire person you never every say BOG. Also they do not say strike which is supposedly crying or screaming .

On a final note, thank you Luci for helping me out with this post! You were a huge help giving me all the sayings and phrases that are used every day! If you have any other questions or Yorkshire sayings/phrases that I have missed out, comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent

Have a great evening,